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What is the PrESS Project

The aim of PrESS is to develop an online DSS and a training approach that will allow European companies monitor and assess their current decision-making strategies in relation to environmental concerns, adopt low carbon decision-making patterns, and develop a long-term plan for low carbon management and environmental sustainability of their supply chains.

  • Gaps identification
  • Empower decision-making for sustainable growth
  • Increase preparedness and responsiveness of SMEs and organizations
  • Increase benchmarking and monitoring capabilities of organizations

Latest News

The PrESS Project Celebrated its Final Event !

Environmental Sustainability in SMEs’ Operations:

A True Business Growth Pat

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A video from one of the PrESS Dissemination events from Greece has been released !

During October 2014, the PrESS project has been presented at a national conference in Thessaloniki,  Greece. The aims of…

PrESS Project SME Engagement Strategy

Engagement of SMEs in the activities of the PrESS project is a core necessity. To this end, the PrESS…